Cable Joe - Cable Pulling Tool
Price: $99.95
Part #: 9001-CJ 
Weight: 4.5 

The Cable Joe cable pulling tool - The best solution for pulling cables around corners.

Simply mount onto any surface to save time and money on your cable installation.


  • Reduce cable pulling time and install costs
  • Get installers off ladders
  • Put installers at more productive locations, rather than feeding cables into troughs
  • Allow multiple cables to be pulled at one time
  • Guaranteed to save labor time
  • Maintenance free
Design Highlights:

  • Continuous cable installation provided by 6 roller design
  • Cables removed easily with quick release pin
  • Use lag blots on clamp for wood frame construction
  • Heavy duty 12 gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Laser cut precision
  • When closed rollers form 3 inch (7.5cm) square opening
  • roller body can swivel and rotate into any position

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